Luís Serpa Pinto

Web Developer Freelancer


About me

Born and raised in Oporto, Portugal I always had an interest in technology and it's possibilities. I have a graduate degree in Multimedia from ISMAI – Instituto Universitário da Maia.

I'm currently working at Glintt - Healtcare Solutions, S.A, after working at Fastluza, a web developing company based in Oporto. I'm working as a Software Developer using PL/SQL and I freelance from home as a Web Developer.

I consider myself:
  • Dedicated & perfectionist

    I take great pride in what I do therefor I try to potentialize my projects in the best form possible.

  • Self-learner

    I consider myself a self-taught programmer who was given the bases at ISMAI but because of my interest in web developing I was able to reach where I am today. The continuous learning in this field is a must.

A little insight on my life until now

Since early in my life I developed an interest in computers and their capabilities. As a result of this I studied multimedia in high-school and after at ISMAI, all this to achieve my goal: Becoming a Web Developer.

I worked at Fastluza for 9 months and now I dedicate myself to freelancing. I develop all kinds of websites and apps, from online e-commerce stores to simple one page websites.

A little more about me:
  • English as a second language

    I can write and talk fluent English. For 10 years I studied at an international school where my classes where all taught in english, this gave me an important tool for today's world.

  • Team worker & goal oriented

    I consider myself a good team worker and a goal oriented person as I like to work with different personalities which can bring different aspects to each project. Also I like dividing my tasks into smaller objectives which can be achieved easier.




Music lyrics website


Get Lost Photo


Tornado Birds


Wine Control


Xgames - Online gaming store


Fastluza Assists

My Skill Set

Skills I've acquired over time.


With all my projects having HTML and CSS envolved I'm very confortable using both this languages. There is always room for improvement though!


Having done some projects using PHP and MySQL I can do basic and most advanced queries. Altought there is some learning to do, as the saying goes "Practise makes perfect".


I used Laravel on a few projects and I'm capable of developing a perfectly functional website with back-office features. I'm currently reading and following "Learning Laravel 5 - Building Practical Applications" by Nathan Wu.


I have done a few Scripts but my knowledge needs further learning. On my spare time I'm currently completing the Javascript Course by Code Academy.


This CMS is one of the most used in the world. Very straight forward to use and develop, having done some projects using WordPress my skills are pretty good.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Throught my professional carreer I managed a some SEO projects, including Google Adwords campaigns, social network management and optimizing websites for Google.

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